Top 8 IG Accounts To Follow To Promote A Healthy Relationship With Instagram


Social media can sometimes get a bad rep. However, having a healthy relationship with social media is easily doable and will make your headspace much clearer.

Who remembers the infamous Top 8 on Myspace? Well, we're taking it back to the Myspace days and giving you our "Top 8" favorite accounts to follow who share relatable, positive content that center around self care and setting boundaries for yourself. Do yourself a favor and give them a follow! It'll help to brighten up your feed a little ☺️⁠


A self-care community and newsletter for those who'd rather stay in tonight.

They are big believers in taking time to rest as life seems to get busier and busier. Follow this account for memes, posts that make you realize it’s okay to not go out on a Friday night, and looooots of dog photos!


Your skincare trainer

Baalm focuses on simply listening to your skin with nothing extra added. No fads, no 10-step routines, all realness. If you’re looking for someone to help you with your skincare routine, they are the ones to count on!

Helping brands build their retail empire on their terms

Bulletins’ focus is on creating a solution that puts relevant, on-trend inventory at your fingertips. Because for us, it’s made all the difference. At Bulletin, you'll find trending brands that aren't on Amazon, aren't flooding the tradeshow scene, and aren't being sold right down the street. Follow their account for daily motivation to achieve all your boss biz goals!


Destinations for modern self-care

Offering services for your face, nails, and body to help your find your chill. Follow their Instagram for chill stuff that makes you feel good.


A no-BS approach to self-care via self-discovery.

The Chill Time is an editorial site from the folks behind @chillhouse. Follow their account for tons of memes, relatable sh** and overall feel good content.


It's rough out there for a lady at work. We get it.

Ladies Get Paid provides the tools, resources, and community to help women negotiate for equal pay, and power in the workplace. Their Instagram consists of all things motivating and relatable to women in the workplace.


Inclusive community for women in Comm

Bridging the gap for professionals via mentorship, workshops, and events. Follow their Instagram for advice and motivation for women in communications.