5 Tips For Product-Based Businesses To Improve Their Social Media Presence

Having tangible items to work with, product-based companies may find it easier to engage on social media over service-based companies. Although it may seem simple, creating content revolving around products tends to appear robotic. Using these helpful tips, product-based businesses can heighten their social media presence and appeal to wider audiences!

1. Focus on product imagery

What is the best part about selling products? They are basically toys for adults. In being a tangible item, each and every product appeals to a consumer’s curiosity. Consumers want to try products at least once and see what it does. Conversely, service-based goods do not have the ability to present a visual product to their consumers. Use this to your advantage through product imagery. Whether it is a video of the product being put to use or a photo of the product in the hands of a happy customer, make sure that your posts highlight the visual appeal of your product. Two brands who do this well are Glossier (@glossier) and Dagne Dover (@dagnedover).


2. Build credibility through testimonials

If your consumers see your posts and do not have the ability to test your product before buying it, they will be skeptical of its functionality. To diminish skepticism, sprinkle customer testimonials into your social media content.  Whether it be a before and after post from past customers, a video of a happy customer talking about the product, or a positive online review, your audience wants to see that other people have used your product and had success. A brand that does this well is Summer Fridays (@summerfridays).


3. Consistency is Key

Social media networks are the direct link between you and your consumer. A strong and consistent social media presence will help you connect with your consumers, increase awareness about your brand, and boost your sales (especially in the ecommerce arena). If your consumers see a photo of your products every time they open their phones, your brand will become a part of their daily routine.  Not only will they anticipate your content, but also your brand will reside in the subconscious of each consumers’ minds. Then, the next time that your consumer is looking for something to fix their problems, your product will already be in the back of their mind. A brand that does this well is Daily Harvest (@dailyharvest).


4. Be intentional

We have all heard it one hundred times before, but it is crucial that you study and understand your audience. It is equally as important to post relevant information as it is to post frequently.  Your audience’s needs will determine the type of content that you should be sharing. Prove that you are an expert in your arena by providing your audience with useful and engaging information such as recipes, tips, tricks, prices, or statistics. Similarly, make sure that you respond to customer’s comments and messages to show the accessible and friendly nature of your company. Two brands who do this well are Drink Babe (@drinkbabe) and Huda Beauty (@hudabeauty).


5. Attract the ideal audience

Consumers are constantly presented with hundreds of different products that do the exact same thing.  Because of this, BRANDING IS EVERYTHING. Distinguish yourself from your competition by using fonts, hashtags, slogans, colors, and imagery that tie all of your content back to your core values. These small components play a major role in building your company’s voice. This voice will attract a target audience that fits your brand. A brand that does this well is Girls Night In Club (@girlsnightinclub).


We hope you found these tips helpful! If you’re looking for someone to handle your business’s social media, feel free to reach out to us via the form here.

- Brenna

Brenna Doyle