3 Easy Ways To Pin Your Instagram Posts To Pinterest

Pinterest isn’t listed as one of the network choices when sharing a post from Instagram, but there are work-arounds to share your posts to Pinterest for both Instagram mobile and desktop!

We use these short-cuts for our clients so that their Instagram can benefit from their Pinterest following as well. This means that each time they post to Instagram, they have the option to share the link to their post to their Pinterest following as well.

See below for three easy ways to do it, and see #3 for our favorite!


Option 1: Mobile

  1. Go to the IG post you’d like to Pin

  2. Tap the three dots icon located above your post to the right

  3. Select Copy Share URL

  4. Open the Pinterest app on your mobile device

  5. Tap on your profile image icon

  6. Tap the plus sign icon at the top right of the screen to add a new Pin

  7. Select Copied link

  8. Choose the image you’d like to Pin and finish!


Option 2: Desktop

  1. Visit Instagram.com and find the post you’d like to Pin

  2. Right click on the post and select Open Link in New Window

  3. Use the Pinterest browser button to choose the image you’d like to Pin and finish posting as usual


Option 3: Zapier.com (my fave)

  1. Use this automated "zap"

  2. Integrate your Instagram and Pinterest accounts

  3. Select which board you'd like each Instagram post to be pinned to and where you'd like the posts to be linked

  4. Turn it on to run on auto!

Becca Booker