Instagram Story Templates For Canva

Instagram Story Templates For Canva


You know all those beautifully designed Stories you see on Instagram? We know you're dying to up your Instagram Story game, and we have just exactly what you've been looking for. 

Grab these 16 FREE Instagram Story Templates that are totally customizable and easy to use! These customizable templates are super beneficial for your personal or business account! All you need in order to access these templates is a Canva account, which is free and will allow you to customize the templates with your branding.

We find that it’s important to stay on brand when hopping onto Stories and when designing graphics. Our rule of them is to stick to one or two fonts and to stick to using your color palette as much as possible. Canva can allow you to save your own fonts and colors. Use these templates as a guide and feel free to update the colors and fonts with your own!

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