3 Favorite Instagram Story Apps

We are HUGE fans of Instagram Stories over here, and we wanted to take a minute to share three very helpful apps that can make your Instagram Stories a bit more beautiful and easy to use. Continue reading for three of our faves!


Unfold App
This is probably the app you think of when you think of pretty Instagram Story templates! The app is free, but you can buy packs of templates have more designs to choose from. Just upload your pics, add text, and you can customize the fonts and colors!

Download Unfold here


Canva App
Canva is another easy-to-use design app, but I prefer to make the designs on desktop first. You have much more design capabilities with Canva and can import logos, fonts, colors, and more! But once you have a template created on desktop, it’s fairly easy to create a design on the mobile app.

Download Canva here


Story Splitter App
Instagram has recently released a feature where you can record videos longer than 15 seonds in the Stories part, but not every account has been released this feature yet.

Our biggest pet peeve when watching (and recording) Instagram Story videos is getting cut off after 15 seconds and having to continue your conversation or story in the next story. Instead of recording in 15-second blurbs, record a full video in the Snapchat app (you can even use their filters, and it cuts you off at 60 secs) and then upload it to Story Splitter which breaks your video into 15 seocnd clips. Then, upload the clips back into Instagram and add whatever text or gifs you’d like.

Download Story Splitter here

If you’re finding that you can’t seem to crack the code on IG stories, we have an Instagram Stories online course that goes over all of this and MORE.