How to Publish an Instagram Post to Facebook, Even If It's Auto-Published

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The Problem with Auto-Publishing 
If you are a social media manager, chances are you LOVE the auto-publish feature from tools like Later and Planoly. However, when the scheduling tools auto-publish Instagram posts, there isn't a way to toggle the post to be shared to Facebook within the Instagram app.


Insert: Zapier!
A FREE tool to solve this is Zapier. You can set up a "zap" to share photos from Instagram to a Facebook Page. The integration automates the process so new photos on IG go straight to FB.


Set up the Zap
Use the Zap "Auto Share Instagram Photos to Your Facebook Page" and enter in your login credentials for each platform. Then set it & forget it!

The only issue we’ve run into with this method is sometimes carousel posts will only share the first post in the carousel to Facebook. Just be mindful of this, as you may have to go into Instagram and manually share the post to Facebook when this happens.

Happy zapping!

Becca Booker