Feed Post Ideas For Different Types of Brands on Instagram


When trying to post consistently, a common question you may be asking yourself is, 'what should I even post?' or ' am I posting too much of the same thing?'.  Coming up with quality content everyday as a business can get hard, especially when you want to post intentionally. Today, we wanted to share a few examples of feed post ideas for different types of account/brands.

Product-Based Business:

Showcasing your product in a different light is a great way to reach more people. Get creative with your product photography by taking lifestyle photos, in-house photos, different backdrops, etc. For lifestyle photos, you can take your product to the beach, the park, on the street, in your local cafe, your purse, your bathroom, your backyard ... the possibilities are almost endless.

Keep in mind the upcoming holidays as well. Having photos ready for the holidays is always a great way to have content ahead of time. For in-house photos, you can showcase your product in the office. Show how you and/or your team use it on the daily.

As for different backdrops, there are so many ways to get creative with this. Some easy options are using fabric of different colors and patterns, placing your product on top of smaller platforms to showcase it, and taking photos that play with light and shadows.

Pro-tip: we love searching product photography on Pinterest for inspo.

Service-Based Business:

Service-based business may have a harder time coming up with content to post as they don’t have a physical product to shoot. However, us being a service-based business as well, we have had experience in coming up with engaging content that we want to share and our followers want to see.

Invest the time and money in hiring a photographer quarterly or semi-annually to come in and photograph your team and your work setting. This is a relatively affordable way to ensure that you’ll have content on hand! And as a service-based business, people are intrigued to see the people behind the scenes making it all happen. Tip: Try to color-coordinate your outfits with your office and brand colors, that way when you add them to your Instagram grid they’ll already be on theme!

Another option is to post photos that you genuinely enjoy and match your brand’s aesthetic - almost like you’re creating a moodboard on your Instagram feed. With these posts, adding an engaging caption is key. Your caption can be something educational/informative about your biz, tips you have on your area of expertise, words of encouragement, fun facts about the team, or any news related to your biz!

Lastly, you can repost photos you are inspired by in the same line of work as your business. Give proper photo credit (obvi) and be sure to highlight what you love about their work. Sharing photos of businesses in your area of expertise will give you more exposure to the people that follow them and could potentially be interested in your services as well.

Personal Brands:

In hindsight, it seems as though finding content for your personal brand shouldn’t be hard because it’s literally YOU. However, the hard part is coming up with unique content that will separate you from everyone else on Instagram.

When posting pictures of yourself, start coming up with new locations to shoot at. Taking a couple hours one day a week to simply just shoot content can make scheduling and planning your IG so much easier. Pack a few outfits, bring your branded content, research a few shoot locations, and your set!

We also love saving photo inspo on IG and Pinterest to help when coming up with new poses and ways of shooting.

Then there are ‘filler’ photos. Posting the same type of photo over and over can be repetitive and can cause people to lose interest. When you’re out shooting content of you, also take stylized photos of your location, or cool/pretty things you find around you. If you’re shooting an outfit, take detailed shots of your ‘fit. These photos will make your feed more interesting, inclining people to follow! If you have an event coming up, new blog posts, or any other exciting news to share, do a shoot for that or create a graphic inclining people to learn more.

Remember: Content creation doesn’t have to be a chore. You love your biz, hence creating content for it is just another way to show off the brand you created. Post intentionally and post what you want. Not what you think people want. At the end of the day, the brand that is posting real content will be recognized over the brand that is posting just to post.

Need more help? Book a consultation with us to go over your Instagram strategy. We also have an online course coming soon that covers everything Instagram related!