How to Plan Content for Rest of The Year With These Simple Steps

Many brands have the goal to have content perfectly planned out in advance at all times. Realistically, it can be difficult to come up with that many ideas in one sitting. That’s why we created this well-thought-out Content Calendar that will help you plan content for the rest of the year. You can download the FULL Content Calendar here.

In our downloadable Content Calendar, we have specific topics planned out for each day for the remaining months of 2019, however, there are some recurring topics and tasks that we stick to regularly.

A great habit to get into is planning a day at the beginning of each month to go out and shoot photos for the following month. This way you’ll always have photos stocked up and ready as soon as your month starts.

With the end of the year comes many holidays worth sharing about. The holidays can be a crazy time in general, and adding social media to the mix doesn’t have to be added stress if you plan accordingly. Try planning your holiday shoots now, so your content is ready for the upcoming holidays.

After the photos are ready, you can then take to your favorite scheduling tool, our fav being Later, and schedule for 2 weeks at a time. This is when our Content Calendar really comes in handy. Here are some post ideas we share:

  • Encouraging followers to read your recent blog post

  • Introducing your team

  • Giving a tour of your workspace

  • Shouting out a biz buddy

  • Hosting a giveaway

  • & more!



Starting in October, you can write a blog post about your favorite ways to incorporate your product or service into Fall. Use the blog post as a social post on your feed as well. You also get to incorporate Halloween content this month. Plan a Halloween photoshoot, a themed giveaway, and share about your Halloween plans/costume ideas.



In November, a blog post about what you’re thankful for (with relation to your product or service) is a great way to lead up to Thanksgiving. Share how you can donate and give your time during the holiday season. As you’re starting to plan your Thanksgiving meal, post about what you’ll be making. If you have a specific recipe you love, your followers would love to hear about it. If you’re a product-based business, Black Friday is huge for you. Share about your upcoming sales, what customers can expect, and your new arrivals.



Lastly, it’s finally December. December kicks off with Cyber Monday. If you’re an online business, this is a great way to promote your end of year sale! It’s also a great idea to use your social media presence to promote a holiday sale and talk about the final days to order for arrival by 12/25. Blog post ideas include:

  • Gift guides

  • Favorite holiday festivities

  • End-of-year recap

Share about your holiday & NYE plans, what’s on your wishlist, and any other holiday-related content you are doing this month.

See... planning isn’t that hard. We hope you enjoy!


The Homies